Come enjoy savory treats from District Kitchen, Black’s BBQ, My Granny’s Kitchen, and more, this Thursday, July 29 at Brazos Hall. Feast your tastebuds on smoked salmon rilletes with a sweet cherry pepper romesco sauce from District Kitchen, or visit with the fine folks from Black’s BBQ and try some savory sausage topped with Mezzetta Parmesan & Garlic Everything Spread. Craving something more “down home?” Visit My Granny’s Kitchen and sample their meatloaf with a hearty side of green beans and black eyed peas. Don’t fret – Southern’s, The Winflo Osteria, and Native Texan will be there to entice you, too.

Mezzetta is a fourth generation, family-owned and operated company offering authentic Mediterranean food that inspires kitchen creativity and effortlessly elevates snacks, appetizers and meals. They source the finest, freshest produce at the peak of ripeness from the sun-drenched farms of California, Italy, Spain, France and Greece. From peperoncini and red peppers to olives and onions, Mezzetta foods are perfectly versatile as snacks on their own or as ingredients in homemade meals.

When the Mezzetta family moved to San Francisco from Italy, they brought with them a passion for Mediterranean food. For more than 80 years, the Mezzetta family has celebrated the joy of sharing real Mediterranean food with the American table.

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